Combining our resources to efficiently meet your production needs.

Our People

Director of Operations for Shaw Industries

Brad Whitling

Brad was born and raised in Seneca, PA. He started with Shaw through a co-op program in 1994 and working his way up since. Through his experience as a machinist and a supervisor, Brad has developed a proven track record of success and quality. Brad takes pride in ensuring Shaw Industries continues to put out the high-quality product we are known for, so our customers have the tools they need to succeed.

Director of Welding Technologies

Nate Borland
Nate was born and raised in Rockland, PA. He has been in the welding industry for 15 years and ten of those with Welding Technologies. Nate’s hard work and dedication are evident through every job that leaves our doors. Nate continues to help Welding Technologies grow and succeed. Nate seems to thrive with the fast pace environment we work in, pushing our guys to put out top-quality projects in a timely manner.

Director of Engineering Services

Steve Spoharski
Steve was born in California, had had the opportunity to travel the world at a young age with his military family. With 40+ years in the machining industry, his knowledge has proven essential for our continued growth. With a passion for technology, Steve has been a driving factor in putting Shaw Industries and Welding Technologies on the cutting edge. Steve enjoys the ever-evolving world of technology and helping his colleagues learn and grow.

Mechanical Engineer

Joe Stajnrajh
Joe, originally from Green Country, PA, has been a part of our team for 25 years. With 31 years of experience, Joe continues to bring hard work, ingenuity, and quality to every project that crosses our path. As an expert programmer, he ensures that we are using the best tools for the job and providing our skilled machinists everything they need to put out the highest quality product Shaw Weld Tech is known for. Joe enjoys the wide variety of work that comes his way of making each day new and exciting.

Vice President of Shaw Industries Welding Technologies

Mark Amsler
Mark grew up locally in Venus, PA. With 40 years of experience in machining and 26 years with Shaw Industries Welding Technologies, his knowledge cannot be more valued. With all the challenges that come with leadership, Mark seems to make it look easy. Quality, timeliness, and honesty are three keys to our success that Mark instills into all our employees. What Mark enjoys most is making sure all of his team has the tools they need to succeed both at work and home.