Shaw Industries, established in 1941, has been one of the area’s most recognized leaders in mold design, production, and repair. For over 70 years Shaw’s has been providing best in class service to an extensive number of customers by manufacturing and servicing a wide variety of both injection and compression molds.

Acquired in 2008, the company has transformed into a machine center that handles very large and sophisticated fabrications ranging up to 20 tons. Consequently, we now work in industries that often require massive parts and components such as Mining, Oil and Gas, Steel, Forging, and Transportation.

Shaw Industries today is proud to have one of the regions’ most advanced machining facilities specifically designed for its dual manufacturing purpose, from individual piece work to contract machining. At Shaw Industries “we don’t sell machine time; we sell craftsmanship”. We accomplish this by employing a skilled workforce and use the latest in machining equipment and technology.

We offer a wide variety of auxiliary services including design work, plating, polishing, metal etching, and coating. Our strategic partnership with sister company Welding Technologies, Inc. enables us to offer clients a full array of welding services including weld overlay, heat treatment, and stress relieving.

Most importantly, we perform complete in-house inspection. Shaw’s does not only strive for a quality standard; it maintains a quality tradition. From the very beginning, Shaw Industries has built a reputation of trust and dependability that our customers have come to rely on.